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Tear Awayfor Embroidery Stabilizer

Looking for a crewel stableizer? look no further than sulky 551-12! This stabilizer is perfect for any crewel stableizer. It is 12" wide x 6" tall and is white.

Sulky 551-12 stabilizer, 12" x 6 yd, White
Pellon 806 Stitch-N-Tear 20" x 10 yd Board, Black
White 15" X 10 Yard Roll

OESD Heavy Weight 2.5 oz.


USD $17.95

Tear-Easy Stabilizer-8X11yd

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This stitch-n-tear branded embroidery stabilizer is perfect for 12x11 yards/samples. Keep your embroidery unstabilized and keep your stitches clear. The key to this stabilizer is its 12x11 yards size.
this is a white 15x10 yard roll of eedding embroidery stabilizer. It is tear away for embroidery stabilizer. It is a polymesh cut-a-way stabilizer that will help keep your stitches in place.
this is a 20"x20"matrix embroidery stabilizer that can be used to tear away for embroidery. The stabilizer is black and has 806 stitches per inch. It is also able to handle 10 sts per inch.